Josh & Elizabeth Walton

“If you want a company just to come slap in a unit and hope it works, B&M is NOT the company for you. If you want a company that truly cares about your comfort needs and more importantly, the correct equation for total home comfort, B&M is the company. I recently just moved into a home in Moyock that is approximately 3400ft. of conditioned space room. The two systems that were there previously were sized incorrectly and worst of all, the ductwork was a disaster. As I was purchasing the house, the homeowners shared their electric bills for the past year and on average it was about $290 a month, which was fair given the size of the home. Of course as we move into the home, two weeks later both units simultaneously both go out. I contacted B&M to come assess my situation. Rob Simpson (comfort expert) showed up and began all of his measurements in sizing the home and took the time to explain to my wife and I about having the correct size units and the importance of ductwork and airflow. We instantly knew this was the company for us. As they began the work, they realized we needed an additional return to help reduce noise and help with airflow, along with a few other tweaks to help improve our overall comfort. They took the time to show my wife and I how to interact with our thermostat. They showed us and explained to us the importance of having variable speed air handlers, all of the stuff we didn’t know or think of. It was simply HVAC 101 and we needed that. After all of the work was complete, we sit here 6 months later with an electric bill of $130 a month with our thermostat set at 70 degrees. We could not be happier with B&M and the work along with the education process they offer. Customer Service, best products, a support cast second to none, prompt, honest, reliable and the friendliest contractor I have ever dealt with are just a few superlatives I can describe their company as obtaining. I hope you will join their team like my wife and did! Cheers to B&M Contractors! JOB WELL DONE!”