Importance of clear drain line in summer!!! – Please read

Summer is quickly approaching and that means that it is almost time to switch the systems over into air conditioning, but did you know that your AC system produces water during use? As the AC runs, it pulls the humidity out of the air in the form of water, and that water must drain somewhere. You should have what’s known as a condensate line attached to your air handler. It does not matter if your air handler is located in your attic, garage, or even under your house, it must have a drain line attached to it and that line must kept clear. Having a clogged drain line can cause the water to back up in the system and then fill, come out, and ruin areas of your system or home. We recommend to always have your drain line clear and having safety shutoffs installed. There are several different types of safety shut offs when it comes to water backing up, but it is most important that they are installed and functioning properly. Making sure that your drain line is clear could save you money, time, and frustration this upcoming summer. We have maintenance agreements designed to suit your needs. Our maintenance agreement holders can rest easy knowing that we have ensured their drain line is clear and their safety devices are working properly during our seasonal “tune ups”. If you are interested in having that same piece of mind, please contact us and we help you decide which maintenance plan is right for you.